Crowd Wellness : Social Impact

Better Workforce Opportunities. The better Global Community.

Better Workforce Opportunities. The better Global Community.: “Like all important endeavors, AI features projects which involve a lot of hard work and dedication. We realize that as much as AI promises to change our lives for the better, we also have to remember how it came to be in the first place – i.e., working diligently and sacrificing nights and even weekends to make many of the innovations happen that we take for granted by default. So rather than taking advantage of the people who are working tirelessly on the front-lines of innovation, Acgence continuously empowers them by differentiating itself from its competitors who want nothing more than cheap labor and ask little about their well-being once they stop receiving timely payments for completed work. Together we grow.”

Employee Value Preposition

Our humans-in-the-loop data collection services provide high-quality training data for industries such as

Fair Pay

Our AI automatically collects data from the web and uses it to generate value for our customers. We do not collect personally identifiable information, and our AI only collects non-personal information. We consider this compliant with both the spirit and letter of privacy regulations.

Culturally Inclusive

The best thing about our company is that it's a place for everyone. We have people of all ages and skillsets. We don't even have minimum qualifications to become a team member. We hire people based on their skills & expertise. In our company, we are also very sensitive to the idea of diversity.

Social Upliftment

We focus on helping our clients to gather data, analyze it and then help come up with a strategy. But, what differentiates us from different firms is our focus on helping our clients to actualize the data in the form of learning for the society in which our clients operate.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We use the highest standard of secure data storage technologies, including advanced encryption and cloud storage, to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data. Any sensitive data is encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. Client privacy is of utmost importance to us; we use industry-standard security protocols to safeguard your information from unauthorized access. We also take every step possible to ensure that no unauthorized parties have access to any of your information. We do not share your data with anyone.

Global Community as a Family

Acgence strives to bring the best career opportunities to everyone. The business model embeds a culture of goodwill, trust, and empowerment through diversity, which is why Acgence’s team works from home or anywhere that allows employees to reach a healthy work/life balance.