AI Data Sets and Catalogs

A best-in-class AI Data Sets & Catalogs to power data intelligence for the enterprise: Raise your company’s grade by powering data intelligence with a best-in-class, centralized data catalogue that includes embedded quality controls, privacy, and governance.

Our Features

Native Connectivity to Multiple Sources

Tying multiple data sources together is no easy task. Fortunately, Acgence allows you to organize incoming data from disparate sources into one place with a single user-friendly interface, so your users don’t have to be experts in databases or databases themselves. 

Machine Learning-powered data curation technology

Apply cutting-edge machine learning capabilities to your business data and scale up the creation of new opportunities.

Automatic Data Lineage

By understanding how data is routed around through your organization, you can devise new ways to use it as well as make lists of what went wrong in case you need to learn from past experiences instead of having a similar mishap occur again. Acgence’s ML solution helps you automatically map data relationships.

Embedded data governance and privacy

Unshackle data from legacy systems, policies, or procedures with a solution that provides an always-on view of your information for IT and business stakeholders.

Acgence AI Data Sets & Catalogs – Discover. Govern. Operate.

Acgence AI Data Sets & Catalogs allows you to store data safely and securely in a centralized catalogue, giving all administrators secure access to their respective data. You can also improve data quality by performing analysis during uploads and creations or automatically getting insight into the data’s lineage.

Use your existing AI data sets & Catalogs

The more you can bring into your centralized hub, the higher you'll climb in terms of ROI and data integration. We want to keep it as easy as possible for you to connect with APIs, databases, other tools like Google Analytics, AWS, or Salesforce so that we can run your existing data through a sound cleansing process.

Operationalize data and analytics governance

Use automated mechanisms to create, certify and approve assets. Using a consistent taxonomy, develop a business vocabulary and structure for storing that information in standard formats in approved naming conventions.

Enable self-service data access

With a powerful and high-performance search engine, users can find, understand and access data without waiting for IT approval. The data will be available on demand, when needed, contextual to the end user's current location or specific task.


Enable team members to make use of the company's data. Make it so that team members can easily share, reuse, and collaborate with the data. Allow users to leave feedback to contribute to helping others on the team learn how to use that data effectively. If someone likes your work (as in a product review), it can help accelerate data usage and adoption.

Establish harmony between data, people, and businesses

Embed quality management and governance into every phase of the data lifecycle, including initial acquisition, curation, storage, and presentation. Depend more on upfront compliance certification than late remediation to guarantee consistency in behaviour across the enterprise.

Empower your teams with Business Intelligence

Creates an environment in which enterprise business users, as well as business analysts, can gain access to the right data across all sources, be able to easily analyze and interpret it without too much effort and know-how to share their findings aptly.

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