AI Data Collection & Generation

AI Data Collection & AI Data Generation can be very exhausting. We know how difficult it is because we do it every day! From our experience, we know that the best way to collect or create large amounts of data is to hire a few dedicated people with the background knowledge to assist you in getting the information you need. We are here just for that!”

Acgence focuses on sourcing just enough AI Data Generation that your model will need: not too little or too much, becoming cost-efficient. For example, suppose you use image recognition (for document classification, bank account screening, fraud detection, etc.). In that case, we make sure to select only images with content relevant to the task at hand – not random images on the net that have nothing to do with it! 

  • Quickly load training data into your AI Data Generation and ML models, regardless of where your data is stored.
  • The best choice for deploying, learning, and applying your AI Data Generation models in a production-ready environment. 
  • Manages, formats, and processes all data types to make it easily consumable for ML and AI Data Generation models.

Why Choose Us?

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Data at scale

Computers alone cannot work on the provided data. Rather, human instruction is required. Large scale human-annotation services are necessary for a machine to absorb the same level of understanding as we are accustomed to having.

Custom datasets

Not all data is available online - especially the kind you need for your machine learning project. Quick & efficient custom datasets are what we do best!

Safety and privacy

Our system focuses on safety and privacy. There are multiple security features in place, such as built-in evaluations, to ensure the legitimacy of data within our platform.

Data types for all of your machine learning needs

In order to build intelligent applications capable of understanding, machine learning models need to digest large amounts of structured training data. Gathering sufficient training data is the first step in solving any AI-based machine learning problem.

Acgence provides cognitive data annotation services that will help organizations unlock the massive potential of unstructured textual data found within emails and documents to utilize it successfully.

Data in speech recognition training is called speech data, which includes audio and text data.  The frequency analysis of each audio snippet and corresponding words trains a speech recognition system. We specialize in annotating speech data.

We specialize in machine vision and have developed image annotation services to help businesses worldwide through our developers’ talents. We specialize in machine vision and have developed image annotation services to help businesses worldwide through our developers’ talents. 

Video data soaks up the in-depth expertise and analysis of our Award-Winning video analysis tools, with a special focus on capturing the nuances hidden deep within the unstructured video. From analyzing lifelike industrial robots to enhancing a consumer’s shopping experience with AR or VR, we help you extract valuable insights from your video data like never before. 

Custom AI Data Generation Training

If you require data to train machine learning or deep neural networks, the best solution is to create it or collect it. That’s where our AI team can help by creating the training data you need for your specific project. We can help build better predictive systems and make a positive impact in the real world through our robust training data services.

AI Data Generation & Collection Services

We have extensive experience in collecting and processing AI data transcription both online and offline – we can collect anything from images to videos and even social media messages.

Data enrichment services

As a company, we understand that data is the fuel that allows predictive models to function. Your models will fail you without clean, validated, and consistent data. With our knowledge of being successful with AI and ML projects for customers in more than 14 countries around the world for 90 plus industries, we can help you improve your results by identifying issues including; duplicate data (dupes), inconsistent formats (inconsistency), incomplete or missing data (Your Data Cleanse). 

Our Industry Expertise

Our humans-in-the-loop data collection services provide high-quality training data for industries such as





Financial Services


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