AI Data Transcription

Effortlessly convert your

Acgence provide AI Data Transcription which incredibly useful service that converts audio and video to text that is 100% human-generated and can help any business or individual transcend time in managing digital assets through easy-to-digest written content.

100% Human Generated Global Data Transcription Services

We are a cloud-based technology providing AI Data Transcription services for various 100+ languages, including English, and help companies scale not only in their local market but also in the global markets without setting up their infrastructure and hiring transcription experts.

AI Data Transcription

Working with external data or recordings is sometimes necessary, but it can be tricky to sort through everything. We provide Data Transcription service because We understand that nothing is more important than accuracy, and at Acgence we pride ourselves in providing top-notch  transcription services like AI Data Transcription matched to your high standards. When it comes to listening to audio and watching videos, we can pre-screen 10,000+ linguists from 100+ different countries who are natively fluent in 150+ languages. With our user-friendly online transcription tool powered by AI & machine learning, you can easily sync the work completed within minutes.

Audio Transcription Services

Get the best and most reliable service to transcribe audio onto text, As we provide AI Data Transcription service, whether a single speaker’s words or complex guidelines like custom segmentation or noise tagging. This will allow you to easily share your information with others – especially if your speech is too long for someone to listen all the way through!

Video Transcription Services

The number of online videos available today is incredible and astoundingly vast! YouTube videos can be quickly transcribed so that search engines and potential customers can find you more easily over the web with a mere click. We provide AI Data Transcription in which there are quality video translation services at the most affordable cost in the market.

Our Services

The fastest and affordable video and audio transcription services for over 150+ languages, lets you scale fast in the global market.

Physician Audio / Video Transcription
Video Captioning
Language Translation
Image Transcription
Research and Academics Transcription
Transcription Legal and Law Enforcement Transcription
Webinar Transcription
Image Transcription
Interview Transcription
Podcast Transcription
Phone Call Transcriptions
Business meeting/conference Transcription

File Formats

We accept

All popular audio/video file formats:
mp3, .mp4, .wav, .wma, etc.
Also, audio/video player platform URL:
YouTube URL, etc.

We deliver

MS Word (.doc,.docx)
MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
PDF (.pdf)
json &.txt

Your Platform Our Expertise

Why Choose Us?

Seeking professional transcription services for global expansion? With over 1000+ linguistic talents at your service, we made sure you can have fast and stable growth with our translation services.

Data Privacy

Protecting consumer data is of the utmost importance within our industry. The Acgence Network adheres to very strict security protocols under which all of your files are treated as confidential and will not be shown to people who don't need to see them.

Fast Turn-Around Time

Our data transcription service is compliant with ISO regulations, so you know that the finished transcripts you receive from us will be accurate and the time taken to produce them will be as short as possible.

Highly Scalable

From a 1-person operation all the way down to a multi-national conglomerate, we're able to provide you with consistent and accurate results at any scale. As your business grows, grow with us!

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