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A global leader in Artificial Intelligence training with AI Data Sourcing

Our Story - AI Data Sourcing

Acgence is a data collection company that provides high-quality, carefully labeled AI Data sourcing for product-based companies. We help you build your next-generation products faster by providing custom solutions to collect the right data and train their algorithms. Product companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more rely on us to collect and label the data that helps them improve their machine learning capabilities.

Acgence is a market leader in collecting data from the field. We provide clients with high-quality bulk data collection services that cover more than 3000 languages and 170+ countries at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Our strategy is to provide our customers with affordable, validated, compliant, and comprehensive AI solutions that are made possible through our highly-efficient proprietary processes. We achieve this by leveraging financial institutions’ unstructured data – anything from PDFs, images, and spreadsheets to hand-written notes or audio messages.

Although we operate in a very competitive industry with leading corporations, we maintain a reliable workforce who work well together as a united front to bring the most innovative applications possible to our business partners.

Our Mission

Acgence focuses on delivering human-driven AI solutions in the form of standardized training data specifically made to fit the needs of companies with challenging AI initiatives, whether personal or corporate. It’s all made possible through our proprietary process that transforms unstructured data organized in any given format into highly accurate and tailored training data without requiring data scientists to step in.

Our Vission

Our vision at Acgence is to create the largest and most powerful AI Data sourcing marketplace on the planet. The launch of the  will begin the process of making all of this possible by giving power and choice back to Artificial Intelligence developers, data providers, and investors. As the world’s first AI data marketplace,  will connect people and organizations through A.I. provides a decentralized and secure way to share data, create a community of data providers, and incentivize data quality control through token-powered mechanisms.

Employee Value Preposition

Our humans-in-the-loop data collection services provide high-quality training of AI Data sourcing for industries such as


As a company that prides itself on diversity, we believe in equality and opportunity for all. We strive to create an atmosphere of inclusion where every worker can be their own person while working together towards a common goal, whilst fostering values such as mutual respect (both professionally and personally), thriving community growth, friendship, honesty & dedication.

The Way We Do Business

Acgence’s vision is to grow our company sustainably; we do that in a few ways: by making a distinction between work-life and non-work life, by being transparent, open, and honest with each other, by providing the necessary resources for employees to be successful.

Talent Management

This company places great emphasis on the importance of Commitment. Not only is it an important element at the local grassroots level, but it's also one of our core principles.

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